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Can CV-600 and PR-10,000 be mixed together?

CV-700 is our CV-600 enzyme blended with a phosphate remover, but not PR-10,000.

While all Orenda chemicals are compatible with one another in the pool, no, do not mix any of our products together in their bottles. The products are too concentrated to be mixed directly. 

We get this question somewhat often because CV-700 is our enzyme product that is blended with a phosphate remover. This has led some customers to assume they can blend PR-10,000 with CV-600 to make their own version of CV-700, and that is just not the case. First of all, blending our products with anything voids the NSF-50 Certification. Secondly, the phosphate remover in CV-700 is not PR-10,000.

So if you want to mix CV-600 and PR-10,000, do so in the pool when using the products as directed. Not in the bottle.

CV and PR