Can CV-600/CV-700 be overdosed?

Is it possible to add too much CV-600 or CV-700 enzyme at one time? And if so, what happens? What are the consequences?

Any product can be overdosed, and CV-600 and CV-700 are no different. Thankfully, all Orenda products are NSF-50 certified as nontoxic and nonhazardous.

If you add too much CV-600 or CV-700 enzyme, you are most likely to notice foaming or excess bubbles in the water for several days. And unless you severely overdose (over 3x the purge dose at one time), our NSF/ANSI Standard 50 certification confirms our enzyme products are still safe to use.

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Consequences of overdosing CV-600 and CV-700 enzymes

While the consequences are not harmful, the bubbles and foaming can be annoying. This is especially common in heated spas. Warm water and turbulence accelerate enzyme activity, and you are likely to experience temporary foaming.

foaming spa, CV-600 enzyme, antifreeze

Foaming can also occur without overdosing CV-600 or CV-700. Enzymes react strongly with things like antifreeze, biguanides, and hydrogen peroxide. The enzymes can also foam when the water is below 60ºF.

What to do if someone adds too much CV-600/700 enzymes

Usually, all you need to do is wait. Let the products do their job, and the bubbles will go away in time. The bubbles are harmless. And it is important to know the difference in the type of bubbles you will see.

  • Large bubbles that present themselves immediately are usually from the surfactant in the product. These go away within a few hours. The more turbulence and warmth, the longer they stay.
  • Small bubbles in clusters normally last a few days. These are the good bubbles that you want when you purge your pool! These clusters of bubbles are CO2 leaving the water as the enzymes metabolize hydrocarbons and other nonliving organics and oils. The more the merrier! See the image below showing small bubble clusters on the surface of the water. This is what you should expect to see from a proper enzyme purge.
CO2 bubbles released from Orenda enzymes in the pool - Edited

Worst case scenario

Worst case scenario is you have a lot of harmless bubbles to deal with. They will go away and you will be left with beautiful water. Just let the enzymes do their thing.