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Can PR-10,000 dust dissolve back into the water?

PR-10,000 clouds the water with an inert white dust that cannot be re-dissolved in water. Once it's out of solution, it's out.

No, the dust from PR-10,000 will not re-dissolve in the water. Once the dust has come out of solution, it is permanently out of solution.

One of the questions we frequently get is "do I HAVE to clean my filter after using PR-10,000?" And the answer is it depends on your filter pressure. If you are not using a heavy dose, or your phosphate levels are not too high, then no, you probably do not need to clean your filter after every use. Just monitor your filter's pressure and clean/backwash the filter based on that.

Long term filtering

Let's say, for example, that your filter captures PR-10,000 dust, and the rise in filter pressure is insignificant. There is no urgency to backwash or clean your filter in this instance, because your filter has already trapped the PR-10,000 dust. That dust will not re-dissolve, so it can stay in the filter indefinitely.  Again, clean the filter based on filter pressure.

Vacuuming after using PR-10,000

After a heavy dose of PR-10,000, you may need to vacuum dust off the floor. We recommend vacuuming this to waste so that it does not jam up your filter.