[Android] I'm having trouble sharing from the Orenda App. Why?

When sharing Orenda results or content on an Android phone, sometimes the phone will default to the first sharing option you select.

It seems to be more complicated to share Orenda Calculator results on Android phones than on iPhones. On an iPhone, when you tap the 'share' icon anywhere in the app, you can select many options, like text message, email, Facebook messenger, etc. 

On Android, you will have to grant the app permission to see your sharing options. This is annoying and unwanted, but it's how Android operating systems work. Once you grant permission to the app to share, you will have options (email, SMS, etc.). But once you select one, some phones will save that selection as your default sharing method. When you come back to the app to share again, it may automatically open up that sharing platform (maybe it's Facebook Messenger, for example). It will not give you the option to use email or SMS in that case.

Clearing app sharing defaults in Android phone settings

To undo this annoying problem, go to your phone settings.

settings > apps > manage apps > [sharing platform app] > clear defaults.

Android clearing sharing default settings

You may need to do this more than once, depending on your phone. It's not an Orenda setting that we can change, unfortunately. It's an Android issue.