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Does SC-1000 contain phosphates?

SC-1000 is our chelating agent that binds up metals and minerals, and it does not contain phosphates.

No, SC-1000 does not contain phosphates. Unlike most sequestering agents in the pool industry, SC-1000 is not phosphate-based. Therefore it is compatible with PR-10,000 and CV-700 when used as directed.

For more information about chelating vs. sequestering, consider taking Orenda Academy: Four Pillars™. In short, SC-1000, as a chelant, binds to individual metals and minerals to prevent oxidation and carbonation. Sequestrants, on the other hand, attract several metals/minerals together into a larger molecule, and accomplish a similar result.

Sequestration vs. Chelation

Sequestering agents tend to be phosphoric or phosphonic acids. SC-1000 is not.

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