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Does the Orenda Calculator™ account for Carbonate Alkalinity?

The Orenda Calculator™ asks for Total Alkalinity, but the LSI calls for the Carbonate Alkalinity. The conversions are made automatically for you.

Yes, the Orenda App's LSI calculator accounts for carbonate alkalinity, even though it asks you for Total Alkalinity (TA).  You can see this when you raise CYA or Borate...the LSI value goes down. This is because those two factors contribute to TA but not carbonate alkalinity. So they must be subtracted from the equation, which lowers your LSI.

You can also see the carbonate alkalinity in real-time by selecting "Show" on the Secondary Readings toggle at the top left.  Adjust CYA (and/or borates) and you will see the carbonate alkalinity change.

So yes. We have you covered.

Orenda app, CYA and carbonate alkalinity