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How to request Orenda Training

Did you know our free training can be booked in English or Spanish through different channels?

We at Orenda are very proud to be able to offer all of our educational resources free of charge. That includes our specialized training, articles, mobile app, podcast, videos, and our online course Orenda Academy.

Sometimes though, finding the resource you need can be difficult. Here we show you the different ways you can book our trainings. The first step is to decide whether you need English or Spanish.

From our website you will be able to switch the language with the "globe" icon in the top menu. From there you will go to "Education" and then to "Request training".


Orenda website, request training

From the Orenda app, you will need to go to "App settings", and select the language there, you can also select the units system of your choice. The App will restart and every asset will be in the language you selected. Choose "Training and More" and then "Request virtual training".

Orenda App, request training

Note: Our App and website continue to change and the menus might be slightly different by the time you see this. We try to stay consistent with our resources, but updating is essential and a big part of the quality of service we provide.