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How to use CE-Clarifier

CE-Clarifier is a natural chitosan-based water clarifier with added CV-600 enzymes blended in.




CE-Clarifier is our chitosan-based clarifier + enzyme. It is blended with CV-600 enzymes for added strength and efficacy, especially against surface oils and organics. This procedure covers dosing, directions for use, and best practices.

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You may need:

  • A measuring cup
  • A spray bottle

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What is CE-Clarifier?

CE-Clarifier is our natural chitosan-based clarifier that has CV-600 enzymes blended in.

Chitosan is derived from crushed, processed crustacean exoskeletons (crabs, shrimp, krill, lobster, etc.). In the seafood processing industry, a waste byproduct called chitin is created after the minerals and proteins in the crustacean/shellfish have been processed out. From chitin, chitosan can be created. When introduced to water, chitosan has a strong electrical charge that pulls dirt and debris to it.

By coagulating dirt and debris, these particles become heavier and eventually either sink, or make their way to the filter to be captured. The result is improved water clarity. In a way, chitosan acts as a flocculant, except it does not naturally sink on its own...it floats in the top 12-18 inches of water near the surface. It only drops when the coagulated particles are heavy enough to sink.

We added CV-600 enzyme to the blend for added strength and performance. The enzymes change the surface tension of the water and address oils and organics. These functions, combined with chitosan, create a very effective clarifier that we are proud to manufacture.

CE-Clarifier dosing

For best results, first, purge your pool with CV-600 or CV-700 enzyme. After the purge, CE-Clarifier will supplement the enzymes in the water and re-up their residual. If you do not purge with enzymes, CE-Clarifier will still work, but there will not be enough enzymes introduced to maintain a meaningful residual.

If you purge with enzyme, there is no need for the initial CE-Clarifier dose. You can just move to the one ounce per week (1 fl.oz./10,000 gallons) weekly dose.

Type of dose

Amount per 10,000 gallons (38,000 L)

Initial Dose

4 fl.oz. (118 mL)

Weekly Maintenance

1 fl.oz. (29.6 mL)


How to add CE-Clarifier

Pour or broadcast the liquid across the middle of the pool. If you want to use a measuring cup and toss it, you can. If you want to put it in a sprayer bottle and spray it, you can do that too. Just note that we cannot endorse using other bottles because of NSF-50 requirements, and you risk possible contamination when putting our products into other bottles. But then again, once you purchase it, it's your product and you can do what you want with it.

Best practices

  • Do not overdose. CE-Clarifier is nontoxic and nonhazardous when used as directed, but that does not mean you can heavily overdose without consequences. Namely, pressure can build in your filter faster than expected, and potentially cause filter problems.
  • Purge with CV-600 or CV-700 before using CE-Clarifier. Clarifier is a good weekly supplement to attract particles and remove surface oils, but the bulk of the work against non-living organics should be done by enzymes. Clarifier alone can help, but it can also be overwhelmed. It's putting a band-aid on the oxidant demand instead of addressing it properly, in our opinion.
  • Use CE-Clarifier for physical dirt and debris. If you struggle with floating debris like pollen, CE-Clarifier is excellent at clearing it and getting it into your filter. 
  • If you have a heavy bather loads, CE-Clarifier may not be the best choice. CE-Clarifier does not have enough CV-600 enzyme in it to handle busy bather loads. It's primarily used on rarely-used pools, or show water like fountains and other features that do not have bathers in them. If you know there is going to be a party, up your enzyme dose with CV-600/700 beforehand or afterward to help clean up the organics, then switch back to CE-Clarifier.
  • CE-Clarifier can help clear PR-10,000 cloud. If you are doing a phosphate removal treatment with PR-10,000, throw some CE-Clarifier on top of the cloud to accelerate its filtration and clearing from the water.


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