How to use CE-SPA

CE-SPA is a chitosan clarifier with enzymes, designed specifically for spas and hot tubs.




CE-SPA Chitosan Clarifier + Enzyme is our clarifier for hot tubs and spas. The enzymes remove non-living organic waste and oils; the chitosan attracts particles to be filtered out.

Just like CE-Clarifier, it is chitosan-based, and contains some CV-600 enzymes for added strength and performance. The difference is CE-SPA is less concentrated and less likely to foam in the water.

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CE-SPA dosing

With CE-SPA, a little goes a long way. Our dosing is based on 500 gallons (1900 L) of water, so if you know the exact volume of your spa, you can adjust accordingly from there. In general, you will be using very small amounts of product in your hot tub:

Per 500 gallons of water CE-SPA Dose
Initial dose 2 fl.oz. (59.1 mL)
Weekly maintenance 1 fl.oz. (29.6 mL)

How to use CE-SPA Clarifier

Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Here they are:

Initial dose: Add two (2) ounces of CE-SPA per 500 gallons of water. Allow the spa/hot tub time to circulate after use. Check circulation and filter pressure after 2-3 hours, and clean the filter if necessary.

Maintenance dose: Add one (1) ounce of CE-SPA per 500 gallons of water each week.

Best practices

  • Be patient. Enzymes work relatively fast in hot, turbulent water. But they do not accomplish their job in a matter of minutes. It can take 24 hours or more for you to see the full results of this product.
  • Expect bubbles. One common question we get is about foaming and bubbles. Foaming in spas can happen for many reasons, and when you introduce enzymes to the mix, they can increase the amount of foaming temporarily. This foaming is a byproduct of the enzymes doing their job.
  • Shake it up. Unlike the rest of our products, our spa products may benefit from being shaken up before pouring. CE-SPA in particular can stratify over time, and may become viscous toward the bottom of the bottle.

If you have more questions about using CE-SPA, submit your question at the top of this page and we will respond as fast as we can.