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The LaMotte SpinTouch® integration with the Orenda Calculator™

The Orenda App can pair with a LaMotte WaterLink SpinTouch® via bluetooth to receive test results directly into the Orenda Calculator™.

In June 2024, we launched our integration with a digital water chemistry testing system, the LaMotte WaterLink SpinTouch®. 

LaMotte spin lab, waterlink spintouch, integration with Orenda App

How the integration works

The WaterLink SpinTouch® device must be on and within bluetooth range of your phone with the Orenda App on it. Follow the instructions below to enable the integration in your Orenda app so you can receive test results directly from the SpinTouch device.

When working, the SpinTouch exports the test results via bluetooth to the Orenda app, creating new values (in blue) on the left side of the calculator. These values may land between existing dial values. For instance, If the SpinTouch reads 329 ppm calcium hardness, a blue "329" will appear on the dial between 320 and 330.

The temporary blue values will remain on the screen until you import the next test results from the SpinTouch. This will erase and replace the old values with the new ones.

How to enable the LaMotte integration on the Orenda App

  1. If you are not prompted when updating the app, reinstall the Orenda App on your phone, and you should see a prompt pop up on the calculator, introducing the integration, which looks like this:
    LaMotte spintouch Orenda App integration popup to go to app settings and enable bluetooth
  2. Once in App Settings, scroll to the bottom and toggle "LaMotte SpinTouch" to ON. (Main Menu > App Settings > LaMotte SpinTouch > ON). The integration is now enabled.
    1. If you have not already logged into the Orenda App, a login screen will pop up. Creating an Orenda account is required to use the LaMotte integration. 
    2. Once logged in, proceed to step 3.
  3. Follow LaMotte's product instructions for how to export test results from the SpinTouch device. The export icon is on the bottom of the SpinTouch screen, and looks like a paper airplane.
    LaMotte waterlink spintouch screen, bluetooth export icon for Orenda App integration
    NOTE: if the Orenda Calculator™ is not open and within bluetooth range of the SpinTouch, this icon will be grayed out and disabled. 
  4. Press the export button on the SpinTouch, and a popup will appear on the Orenda Calculator.
    LaMotte waterlink spintouch bluetooth export to Orenda App
  5. Tap "Accept" on the Orenda Calculator popup to import the results.
    LaMotte waterlink spintouch integration with Orenda App, tap accept on popup to import test results
  6. The blue numbers on the calculator are values that came from the SpinTouch. They are temporarily on the screen and will be automatically replaced by the values in the next import from the SpinTouch. Many of these blue numbers fall between the normal values on the Orenda Calculator™ dials.  We made them blue so they stand out.
    LaMotte waterlink spintouch integration with Orenda App, blue numbers from bluetooth import

Questions? Feedback?

Before contacting us, go to the main menu > App Settings > Bluetooth, and double-check if the integration is turned ON.

If it's not working for you, the LaMotte device is likely paired with another phone or computer. Contact LaMotte for customer support on changing it to your phone. Our understanding is the SpinTouch will try to send it to whatever device is closest. Hopefully, it's your phone with the Orenda Calculator open.