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I found an error (bug) with the Orenda App. What should I do?

Software bugs are common, and you can help Orenda fix them by identifying them.

If you find an error or bug in the Orenda app, please contact us so we can fix it!

  1. Please screenshot or screen record your phone to show the error.
  2. Email ask@orendatech.com and include the following:
    1. Type of phone (iOS, android)
    2. Make and model of phone (i.e. iPhone 12 pro, or Samsung Galaxy s20, etc.)
    3. What version of the Orenda app you have
      1. Orenda app > main menu > app settings > version
    4. Describe the issue, and include the screenshot(s).


THANK YOU for your help finding bugs and helping us make the Orenda app better.