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The Orenda Calculator will not show chemical doses. What's wrong?

If the dials on the left and right sides of the Orenda Calculator are the same, no doses will appear on the results page.

One of the most common "bugs" we hear about our app is not actually a bug at all. If the dosing results page shows no chemical recommendations, it's because the dials on the calculator are the same values on the left and right sides (current and desired).

Go back and double check the calculator screen. The dosing results will only show the difference between the left and right sides.

Same on both sides

The left dials change the right dials, by design

When you change dials on the left, the right dials automatically sync to the left. But when you change the dials on the right, the left dials are left unchanged.  This allows users to more easily input their chemistry and play around with options.

That said, the most common user error when it comes to this problem (no chemical dosing results) is the user changes the left dials (to which the right dials automatically match), there will be no difference between left and right. Ergo, no chemical dosing results.