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What does "Future Alkalinity" in the Orenda Calculator mean?

The Orenda Calculator's dosing results show a reading for future alkalinity. Here's why.

Future Alkalinity tells you what your new alkalinity will be after making a given pH correction. It was added to the Orenda Calculator in 2022 as part of our version 3.0 update.

Say, for instance, you want to reduce your pH from 8.1 down to 7.6. Your current alkalinity is 80 ppm. But what will it be after you add the dose of acid prescribed in the Orenda Calculator? Future alkalinity will tell you exactly what it will be, based on the volume of your pool and the type of acid you are using:

future alkalinity on Orenda app

The future alkalinity will only appear if you are decreasing pH alone, and not touching your alkalinity level. When using the Orenda Calculator™, if you modify the total alkalinity level, this feature will not appear on the dosing results page. 

Why did we include Future Alkalinity?

We display the Future Alkalinity because it will help you forecast your pool chemistry as part of your business strategy. If you know where the alkalinity will be next visit, you can predict how you will need to treat the water. You can forecast your chemical consumption for that pool too. This gives any pool operator a major advantage in proactive pool care.