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What is the difference between CV-600 and CE-Clarifier

Is it recommended to use the two products?

Despite both products having enzymes in their formula, our CE-clarifier is primarily a chitosan- based flocculant that will capture dust, debri, pollen and other particles that tend to float in the surface of the water. It also has the added benefit of enzymes to deal with a smaller proportion of non-living organics and oils. 

Our CV-600, in the other hand, is a product concentrated with 100% enzymes, and for that reason it is a much stronger product when it comes to digesting and removing the non-living organics from the body of water. While it is not necessary to dose both products for maintenance, it is recommended to start with a purge dose of CV-600 enzymes (32 fl. oz. per every 10,000 gallons), and continue the maintenance routine with either product, but not both. The purge dose has the objective of building a residual in the pool, and CV-600 is the perfect product for that. Our CE-clarifier is not strong enough on the enzyme aspect to do so. 

Which product is more convenient for maintenance? 

It depends on the pool's circumstances and the main problems we are dealing with. For instance if the pool is not used very often, and the main concern is to maintain clarity and a clean environment, the CE-Clarifier will be the best choice. Nonetheless if the pool receives a heavy bather or contaminant load, like in commercial pools or water parks, CV-600 will win the battle.