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What is the Orenda Startup™?

An overview of our method of filling up a swimming pool with LSI-balanced water

The Orenda Startup Part 2

The Orenda Startup™ is our method of filling a newly-surfaced swimming pool with chemically-balanced water. Specifically, we fill the pool with LSI-balanced water, slightly on the positive side (+0.20 to +0.30 LSI). 

The procedure is entirely based on achieving those LSI numbers, and maintaining LSI balance for the first 30 days.  For the first 5 days, we prescribe an LSI between +0.20 and +0.30, and for the remainder of the first 30 days, anything between 0.00 and +0.30 is perfectly fine. These numbers are all GREEN on the Orenda App LSI calculator.

How is the Orenda Startup™ procedure done?

Follow the step-by-step instructions, watch our many videos, and/or download our free 30-day startup card. Here are some quick links:

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