What are the differences between CV-600 and CV-700?

CV-600 and CV-700 are our Enzyme products. They have the same dosing instructions. There is only one small difference between them.



CV-600 is our pure enzyme product. CV-700 is the exact same enzyme, but blended with a phosphate remover.

The dosing instructions are identical, and the difference in strength is minimal. Both CV-600 and CV-700 can handle the most demanding bather loads in the swimming pool industry. This is because the enzyme itself was not originally formulated for swimming pools; our enzymes were made for industrial applications like wastewater. 

Which enzyme product is right for me?

The right product first depends on what type of filter you have. If you have a sand or cartridge filter, either product is perfectly fine. If you have a D.E. filter, on the other hand, we advise using only CV-600, because the phosphate precipitate CV-700 will create can add pressure to the DE filter, and potentially cause problems.

On commercial pools, the same advice applies. You can use CV-600 on anything, and you can use CV-700 on anything except regenerative D.E. filters. 

The second question is whether or not your pool has an issue with phosphates. If you have phosphates in your tap water, then CV-700 might be more appropriate for you. If you are using a phosphate-based sequestering agent (most metal control products the industry are phosphate-based, but not SC-1000), consider what that means for your water. 

  • On the one hand, CV-700 will gradually remove that sequestering agent because it is phosphate-based. That may be a good thing if you're trying to remove phosphates–but a faster and more effective way to remove phosphates would be to use PR-10,000.
  • On the other hand, if you need the sequestering agent in the water, using CV-700 will counteract what you're trying to do. Phosphate removers and sequestering agents are a known chemical conflict in pools, and we always advise against using both. One eliminates the other, and you paid for both.

Is there a difference in cost?

There is a slight difference in cost, but it depends on where you purchase Orenda. In most cases, the cost difference is negligible, or even nonexistent. It depends on how the distributor decides to mark it up.

Are both CV-600 and CV-700 compatible with chlorine? And bromine? And alternate sanitizers?

Yes to chlorine, yes to bromine, and 'it depends' to alternate sanitizers. Enzymes will conflict with biguanide and hydrogen peroxide, so do not use them in those type of pools. You will get a bubble bath as a consequence of enzymes attacking your sanitizer (and eventually winning).