Where can I buy Orenda products?

Orenda sells exclusively through wholesale distributors. Consumers can buy from licensed dealers/pool professionals, in retail stores, and online.

Orenda sells exclusively through wholesale distributors. Those distributors sell to retail stores, licensed pool professionals and other certified dealers who can sell Orenda on the internet. We do not sell directly to consumers. All sales go through distribution channels.


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Where to find Orenda if you're in the pool trade

Orenda should be available at any major pool distributor. If your local distributor does not stock Orenda, they have the ability to. Just ask them. If the branch is unwilling to stock our products, that's a different issue, so please contact us so we can help.

Where to find Orenda if you're a homeowner

Hopefully, your local retail store is willing to stock Orenda. But unfortunately, that is unlikely. Orenda products are professional-grade and mostly used by pool pros, so retailers rarely stock our products. If you ask for Orenda, they might bring it in for you. We do, however, have a dealer locator list that shows companies that do offer Orenda.

But generally speaking, the best place for you to find Orenda is online, like Amazon.com or eBay. Many licensed dealers offer Orenda on Amazon and other private eCommerce websites.


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