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Can PR-10,000 be added directly into the skimmer or gutter to reduce clouding?

Some phosphate removers are designed to be added into the skimmer to reduce clouding. PR-10,000 is not one of them.

No, DO NOT add PR-10,000 directly to the skimmer/gutter. We know many phosphate removers are designed that way, so that they go directly into the filter and remove phosphates there. PR-10,000 is too concentrated for that, in our opinion.

Especially if you have D.E. filters, do not add PR-10,000 directly to your skimmer or gutter. Instead, we recommend pouring it around the perimeter of the pool or broadcasting it across the surface with a spray bottle. See our answer for how to use PR-10,000.

Strong charge

Unlike some other phosphate removers, PR-10,000 has a strong electrical charge to it, which attracts phosphates. As an aside, this is why PR-10,000 temporarily distorts ORP; the probe is tricked by PR-10,000's charge.

If you put PR-10,000 into the skimmer, it's now only able to work with the water that is pulled through the circulation system. In other words, its at the mercy of the circulation system. PR-10,000 performs far better out in the open when it can spread out and do its job quickly. But that's not the only reason you want PR out in the pool itself...

Too much filter pressure

The main issue is that PR-10,000 precipitate can build up too much filter pressure if you add it directly into the skimmer or gutter. Instead, give the product time to react and do its job in the pool. Some dust will fall to the floor, while much of it will be filtered out. 

Some companies insist on putting it in the skimmer, but again, we advise against this, especially in heavy doses. Orenda is not liable for problems caused by the misuse of our products.

Options for faster clearing of water

Since PR-10,000 clouds the water when phosphates are present, one of the common questions we get is how to clear the water faster. There are essentially two answers: improve filtration, and accelerate the dropout of the dust.

Improving filtration can include adding something like Fiber Clear to your sand filter. Cartridges and DE filters tend to be able to capture PR-10,000 dust in one pass.

Accelerating the dropout of dust is most easily accomplished by removing oils and organics from the water with CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes. Oils and organics float, while dust wants to fall. If the sticky oils and organics adhere to the dust (which they often do), dust can stay suspended in the water much longer because it cannot fall as easily (if at all).  Using enzymes accelerates the dropout of dust, and will clear the water faster.