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Is the phosphate remover in CV-700 the same as PR-10,000?

Both CV-700 and PR-10-000 reduce phosphates, but they are not the same chemical.

No, the phosphate remover in CV-700 is not PR-10,000. PR-10,000 is our concentrated phosphate remover, and it is far too strong to put in the same bottle with our enzymes. We cover more on that here

The phosphate remover in CV-700 is a moderate-strength phosphate remover that is compatible with enzymes in the same bottle. It is nowhere near as strong or as concentrated as PR-10,000.

CV-700 updated bottlesWhile PR-10,000 is made to wipe out any level of phosphates you may have in your water, CV-700 is primarily an enzyme that has a small amount of phosphate remover in it. CV-700 is better for maintaining low levels of phosphates and preventing the levels from rising...which of course, depends on the phosphate levels in your tap water and if you're using phosphate-based products like sequestering agents.

What is your goal?

If your goal is to reduce phosphates in a big way, use PR-10,000. If your focus is cleaning up the water and removing non-living organics, and you happen to also have some phosphates–or you just want the side benefit of phosphate remover, use CV-700.