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My pool is still cloudy after using PR-10,000. How can I clear it faster?

PR-10,000 dust can cloud the water for hours or even days, depending on several factors.

Clearing the PR-10,000 cloud in the water can be done in two ways: 1) improve filtration, and 2) accelerate the drop-out of the dust. So let's briefly touch on both.



Improving filtration can include adding something like Fiber Clear to your sand filter. Cartridges and DE filters tend to be able to capture PR-10,000 dust in one pass.

Particle and filter sizes

Accelerating the dropout of dust is most easily accomplished by removing oils and organics from the water with CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes. Oils and organics float, while dust wants to fall. If the sticky oils and organics adhere to the dust (which they often do), dust can stay suspended in the water much longer because it cannot fall as easily (if at all).  Using enzymes accelerates the dropout of dust, and will clear the water faster.

PR-10,000 phosphate remover cloud in a swimming pool, from the red cap test

How long can the PR-10,000 cloud last?

Many factors play into how long the cloudiness will persist after using PR-10,000:

  • Starting phosphate level
  • Amount of PR-10,000 used
  • Organic loading
  • Type (and condition) of pool filter
  • Circulation rate
  • Water temperature

In our experience, even when we do a heavy dose of PR-10,000 (like the "Orenda Bomb" to break the water back into clarity), we can still clear it within 48 hours (at the most) IF we have good filtration and circulation, and we use enzymes to remove oils and organics.

The heavier the bather/organic load on the pool, the more important enzymes become. If your pool is surrounded by trees–especially those that drop things into the pool–you may have difficulty clearing the water without the help of enzymes. If your pool is already on the Orenda program and you are still having difficulty clearing the water, it is most likely a filtration issue. In that case, consider turning off circulation and allowing gravity to drop the dust to the floor for vacuuming the next day.

PR-10,000 phosphate remover dust being vacuumed off the bottom of a dark pool - Edited

PR-10,000 dust on the floor after a night of no circulation