Why is a "purge dose" necessary?

Orenda CV-600, CV-700, and SC-1000 should begin with a purge dose. Without it, results will be limited.



First of all, it's your pool, and you don't have to do anything. But if you're going to be using Orenda CV-600, CV-700, or SC-1000, the first dose should be the purge dose. The purge dose is one quart per 10,000 gallons (32 fl.oz. / 10,000 gal). 

The purge dose gives your water the initial residual that your weekly dose will maintain. While the purge dose amounts are the same, CV-600/700 and SC-1000 work a bit differently.

Enzyme purge

CV-600 updated bottlesThe purge dose of CV-600 or CV-700 conquers your pool's non-living organics, with enough left over for a residual defense against future organic contaminants that will get in your water. The initial purge is kind of like a deep herbal cleanse. Much of what the enzymes break down and remove lurks in pipes and the filter, where you cannot see it.  Simply starting with the weekly dose will not give you enough power to give your water the "hard reset" that we want.

After the initial purge, the weekly maintenance dose completely depends on your bather load. Most residential pools are fine with just 2-5 fl.oz. per 10,000 gallons per week. Busier pools need more. Swim schools with 700+ kids a week need closer to 15-20 fl.oz. per 10,000 gallons per week.

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SC-1000 purge

SC-1000 updated bottlesUnlike enzymes, which get used up eventually as they remove non-living organics from your water, SC-1000 has staying power. SC-1000 is our chelating agent, which binds to metals and minerals to prevent them from being oxidized or carbonated.

Heavy metals can be oxidized, such as iron, copper, and manganese. Minerals can be carbonated, such as calcium and magnesium. SC-1000 binds to all of them to prevent such interactions. Therefore it is wonderful at preventing stains and scale formation.

The SC-1000 purge is necessary to conquer the metal and mineral load in the water. If you start with the weekly dose of 3 fl.oz./10,000 gallons, it would take a very long time to address the minerals and metals already in your water.

The weekly SC-1000 dose is only meant to address new metals and minerals that might be introduced through your tap water as you continue to replace lost water. This is especially important in dry, arid climates like Arizona, because of high evaporation rates. Evaporation leads to water loss, but NOT mineral loss, and therefore minerals and metals accumulate rapidly.

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