What is the shelf life of Orenda products?

Orenda products have an indefinite shelf life (100+ years) if they are stored properly and never freeze.

Our bottle labels state that Orenda products are inherently stable with an indefinite shelf life under normal conditions.

And by "normal conditions" we mean not exposed to extreme temperatures (over 120ºF (48.8ºC) or below 32ºF (0ºC)), and out of prolonged weeks of direct sunlight.

What happens if Orenda products freeze?

Over the years we have noticed issues with our products' consistency after being frozen. The blended materials can stratify out of solution or congeal, rendering the product less effective or ineffective. It depends on the product and the severity of the freeze.

Another issue with freezing is product containment losses. When liquids freeze, they expand. This freeze/thaw expansion can rupture our bottles and/or heat-sealed lids. Please avoid freezing temperatures by storing Orenda products indoors during the cold months of the year. 

Why should Orenda products be stored out of direct sunlight?

We understand most of our customers leave our bottles in the back of a service vehicle, and the products are exposed to direct sunlight every day. And that's fine because the products are being consumed regularly. What we are referring to by "direct sunlight" is long-term storage. And this has more to do with the UV-degradation of the plastic bottle or drum than it does with the quality of the product inside.

If the bottle becomes compromised due to prolonged sun exposure, it will not last as long. 

As for extreme heat, PR-10,000 and SC-1000 seem to hold up fine in high temperatures, but our enzyme-based products (CV-600, CV-700, CE-Clarifier, CE-SPA, and SPA-500) do not. 

To be sure your Orenda products work properly, avoid prolonged direct sunlight exposure and extreme heat.

Long-term storage for Orenda products

If you keep an inventory of Orenda products, please store them out of direct sunlight, and in a location that will not freeze. The products can get cold, just don't let them freeze. Usually, storage in a garage is just fine unless the garage lacks enough insulation to prevent freezing inside (...talking to you, Minnesota).

Other than the extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, our products will hold up just fine over the years. But hopefully, you're cycling through the products so they do not stay sitting for many years in the first place.